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Swing @ Strikes


 Swinging at Strikes is the X-Factor to Becoming a Great Hitter

  Current Events:

  • Oct. 2015 Trip to Oregon, Fresno, Washingtion, and Utah State was big success..... Lots of "Ah-ha" moments.
  • Coaches Clinic at Morehead State Univ. was "Awesome"


David Williams and Katie Yoho are getting ready for an afternoon of V-flexing...


Dr. Les Anderson explaining the new Swing D app and how it is used to follow pitch efficiency.  His 2015 data collection showed that V-Flex trained teams are 20 to 25% more efficient in recogizing strikes during games than non V-teams at the HS level.   At the D-I level the advantage was 10 to 15%.  This means if a team sees 100 pitches in a game V-Flex trained hitters identify between 10 to 25 pitches more accurately than their opponents.  


                                                PX-3 & PX-5

Maximum Pitch Contol through Spatial Learning:  Our new visual targeting system for pitchers makes all other training systems obsolete.  The stream of visual information created by V-Flex is "alive" and beaming with tangible visual information to help pitchers master pitch efficiency faster.  It will be on exhibit at the NFCA in Atlanta.   

Memorable Year: 2015 

  • Gators Repeat, 2015 National Champs
  • TN, FL, OR and LSU are READY for battle at WCSW!!
  • Univ. of Washington sets HR, RBI, Runs & Walks Record
  • Tennessee Lady Vols set new HR Record
  • Best starts ever: Florida, LSU and Oregon
  • Bryant Univ. sets new NCAA HR Record
  • V-Flex Sponsors Round 6 of NPF Draft
  • Dr. Les Anderson Develops V-Flex App.

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