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Train Hitters to Swing at Strikes


"We're The Leader in Our Field so You Can Be the Leader in Yours"



                                                                    Knoxville New Sentinel 5/13/2015    

Special Recognition:      

Hi Tim,

I hope all is well. One year with the V-Flex and the proof is in the pudding. We won our first conference title in 54 yrs, we won our first tournament in 54 yrs, we won more softball games than any team in our schools history, 8 of our kids were either 1st or 2nd team All-Conference, one of our kids was the MVP of our conference and we had two kids nominated for the All CIF team. Did I mention that we were fielding 5 freshmen and 3 sophomores?

Thx, Jason Cohen



 A Memorable Year:

  • Gators Repeat, 2015 National Champs
  • TN, FL, OR and LSU are READY for battle at WCSW!!
  • Univ. of Washington sets HR, RBI, Runs & Walks Record
  • Tennessee Lady Vols set new HR Record
  • Best starts ever: Florida, LSU and Oregon
  • Bryant Univ. sets new NCAA HR Record
  • V-Flex Sponsors Round 6 of NPF Draft
  • Dr. Les Anderson Develops V-Flex App.

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